The template is designed to be conducted on a tablet.

One must be trained in the method first and then for a small fee, it is available to conduct audits.

Our program has different phases. 1. Understanding the basis of audits by a test on the audit standard. (90% pass mark open book) 2. 50 plus slides on the application of risks in processes. 3. A test on the application (90% pass) 4. The Auditor conducts all the stages on an audit from a risk formatted template. 5. A certificate is awarded.

The certificate enables the auditor to audit one or more ISO Management System Standards.

ISO 19011:2018 speaks to single management systems. We recognize that whether you are auditor one or more discipline standards, other disciplines present risk(s) to the other functions. Risk cannot be confined to a single discipline, risk is multi-disciplinary. We know how to do this.

My 20 year ISO experience and FCQI credentials. This is no ISO requirement that the IRCA or Exemplar are the sole providers/approvers of ISO training programs. The approver is the External ISO auditor by determining the validity of the conducted internal audit.

The ISO Standards after 2015, were risk-based Standards, as a result, a risk-based auditing technique is applicable.

ISO 19011:2018 Audit Standard was released by the International Standard Organization with the added requirement for risk-based auditing

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