About Us

About Single Management System

The Founder

Jeffrey Lewis

The evolution
The Single Management System concept was born through the founder’s experience of
  • observed conflict for turf among disciplines in the operations
  • the uncoordinated events between different departments and,
  • corrective meetings to correct past incidents -the risk was not part of the conversation
Through an alignment of Management Standards and methodologies – a system to simultaneously manage disciplines evolved to be recognized in the 19011:2018 Audit guidelines.

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  1. 1999 Article – Maintenance as a Quality Process – tying the concepts of Maintenance and Quality to utilize the same methodology. Republished in 2013 at

Maintenance Management as a Quality Process

  1. Maintenance and Safety – Patent 6994258 – linking the two departmental activities submitted 2002 patent granted 2006
  2. QAI Best of the Best Award in 2007 was won because of the concept of integrating operational disciplines
  3. Not until 2015 with the risk-based standards and 2018 Risk-based audits, that the concept of single management systems began to seep into the consciousness of industry.
  4. Throughout the intervening period – skills, know-how, and single management system technology (Cloud/Ipad), were honed to be readied for the future – which is now, as risk and preventive controls are relevant management concepts.
  5. Conducted Registrar Audits Management Standards combined disciplines such ISO 9001(Quality and Maintenance) 14001(Environment) and 45001(Occupational Safety)
  6. Implemented the Single Management System framework at Chevron Lubricants
The Single Management System was ready for Prime Time
Our Mission  
To enable manufacturing companies to become risk-driven operations and to maintain measured on-going compliance and/or Management Standards conformity, through a single management system to meet their strategic plan.
Our business Model
A free registration is enabled on our website that allows the following groups
  1. Franchisee – Company to administrate the different elements of the program
  2. Company – an entity requiring the Single Management System implemented
  3. Internal auditor – A trained auditor to our ‘Management System Risk Auditor’, capable of conducting risk-based audits or training auditors at companies
  4. Consultant – A person trained in implementation, documentation modification, and operational adjustments to accommodate the Single Management System
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Franchisees can access companies and independent consultant groups from the registering database. They determine companies within their locale and can also access permanent or part-time consultants registered for Single Management System gigs. All operating associates of the Franchisees must be qualified by our online test.
Franchisees on sign-up can access our business plan, contract template and pursue state and federal training funding to assist companies to prepare for risk-based auditing.
Benefits of Single Management System
  1. Defines specific risk-driven preventive controls for the operations, likely to meet operational objectives
  2. Provides the means to measure the effectiveness of controls in meeting the strategic plans
  3. Enables collaborative, holistic management across all disciplines simultaneously, to replace the individual discipline management
  4. Eliminates the discipline finger-pointing of responsibility for incident, non-conformance or degradation issues.
  5. Enables appropriate format for auditing according to 19011:2018 for maintaining compliance and conformity to the respective Standards.
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