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About ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines 

The 19011:2018 guidelines requires risk based auditing, which is distinctly different from clause based audits. Going from clause based audits to risk based audits demands a different way of thinking about the organization. This online training program includes the reconfiguration of the organization in order to conduct the risk-based audit.

This ‘Certified Lead Risk Auditor’ is developed to a IACET ANSI Standard, which awards a Standards based CEUs. Training to the IACET Standard validates the approach and methodology to ensure active learning. This e-learning program is self paced.

The study of 19011:2018 is a pre-requisite to participation in the program. To qualify to continue in the program, the learner must pass an online examination on the 19011:2018 guidelines. The program is proven as an accepted method of auditing as it has been externally audited by LRQA, as a risk based audited was conducted on Chevron Fuels and Lubricants. In other words, the reconfiguration of the operations to accept risk-based audits instead clause based audits, has been demonstrated and re-audited by a registrar audit.

Because the organization needs to be reconfigured it is important that more than one internal auditor should undertake the training. We offer company group packages to enable an understanding of the reconfiguration method. The organization needs to know how to reconfigure, prepare for and receive risk-based audits. Register a team for the training.

Jeffrey Lewis                                                                                                                                                   Fellow, Chartered Quality Institute

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