Terms & Conditions

Anti-Discrimination policy

  • Content Technicians commit to a anti-discrimination policy, which
    protects both staff and learners from offensive and harmful
    behaviors such as derogatory comments based on gender and
    ethnicity in order to protect all and provide a safe and happy
    workplace or online experience. All anti-discriminatory laws are
    complied with.
  • The information is provided on the home page of
    singlemanagementsystem.com. By learners registering or content
    technicians signing in, they acknowledge the policy.

Disclosure policy

  • Staff is required to divulge any proprietary interest in products, instruments,
    devices, or materials related to the training, prior username and password.
  • The statement is placed on the homepage and states that on signing on to system,
    is an acknowledgement that the disclosure requirement is understood.

Intellectual and legal property Policy

  • Content technicians are to protect the ownership rights of intellectual property in its in
    learning events. Where such property is to be used, permission to use copy right
    material must be sought and retained as proof of permission and the citied in the
    learning materials.

Policy for ensuring the privacy and information security of learner records

  • By way of policy, information inputs to alter or provide the release, issuance and maintenance of learner records after completion is limited to the username and password of the learner or if it is company sponsored and they require the information.
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