Terms & Conditions



Anti-Discrimination policy

  • Content Technicians commit to a anti-discrimination policy, which protects both staff and learners from offensive and harmful behaviors such as derogatory comments based on gender and ethnicity in order to protect all and provide a safe and happy workplace or online experience. All anti-discriminatory laws are complied with.

Disclosure policy

  • Staff is required to divulge any proprietary interest in products, instruments, devices, or materials related to the training, prior to registering the username and password. The Staff should disclose the interest via the external contact form.

Intellectual and legal property Policy

  • Content technicians are to protect the ownership rights of intellectual property in its learning events. Where such property is to be used, permission to use copy right material must be requested or purchased and retained as proof of permission is kept on file and the cited when used in the learning materials.

Policy on Individual Engagement & Qualifications

Individuals involved in the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of learning events are qualified to perform their assigned tasks and qualified by one of the following

  • Subject matter expertise – trained in instructional design or techniques and Management System Internal or external Auditor or Regulatory qualification.
  • Experience in and/or knowledge of adult learning principles and methods, implementation consulting / training of management systems for a minimum of 5 years.

And separately, another person qualified by

  • Competencies related to IT assigned tasks such as WordPress and gravity forms expertise.

Review of documents

Document reviews are completed biannually or when there is new information from standards, and regulations requiring updates to the policies, processes or training materials. The changes are revisioned accordingly to enhance learner outcomes. The evidence of review is the recency of changed dates between biannual reviews or at the biannual review.

Learner Privacy statement

By way of policy, information inputs to alter or provide the release, issuance and maintenance of learner records after completion is limited to the username and password of the learner or if the training is company sponsored and the results are required by the company.

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