Single Management System Engine

The dynamics of the management system is based on the Risk, Plan, Do, Check Act. Controls are derived from the risk associated with the operations as well the internal and external issues which determine the operational and Organizational plans respectively. The cycle is repeated to maintain conformity and compliance for achieving the intended or ‘stretched’ goals of the organization.

Improve Internal & External Communication

The cycle is driven when an objective is not met. A corrective action method is triggered to improve the plan to generate enhanced controls for the shortcomings; in order to avoid any reoccurrence of the issue or the conditions that led to the deviation.
The point is, standalone discipline risks cannot exist – as operational activities and issues are interconnected. The risk of ‘what can go wrong’ can be triggered by the events of another activity – for example maintenance and production – hence a holistic integrated approach is necessary to add value to the organization’s performance.

The question arises on how to engage multidisciplinary, integrated and interdependent disciplines. It is not uncommon to have disciplines at odds with each other. It is therefore necessary to conduct a risk exercise for both the leadership issues and the integrated discipline to determine the plan. The cycle continues, intent on achieving the full capability of the resources with the necessary controls to achieve the output.

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