Audit Report & Closing Meeting

Audit Report and Closing Meeting (Training)

Audit Preparation
  • Audit Report and Closing Meeting

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • ItemMet Y/N 
  • Post Audit

  • Closing Meeting

  • Audit FindingsMajor/ Minor / Obs/ OFIResponse timeDue Date 
  • ScopeCriteriaUnresolved divegent issues 
  • Describe the status of ) determination of the extent of conformity of the management system to be audited, or parts of it, with audit criteria;
  • Describe the status of b) evaluation of the capability of the management system to assist the organization in meeting relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and other requirements to which the organization is committed;
  • Describe the status of c) evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system in meeting its intended results;
  • Describe the status of d) identification of opportunities for potential improvement of the management system;
  • Describe the status of e) evaluation of the suitability and adequacy of the management system with respect to the context and strategic direction of the auditee;
  • Describe the status of f) evaluation of the capability of the management system to establish and achieve objectives and effectively address risks and opportunities, in a changing context, including the implementation of the related actions.
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