The Universal Audit Form (UAF) is designed to conduct standalone or combined discipline (ISO 9001,14001,22000,45001,55001) Single Management System (SMS) audits on the same single form to facilitate ISO 19001:2018. The UAF is designed for Risk-based Process Audits, as discipline checklists cater to Clause Auditing.

The form is available after Quiz 19001:2018 Online Training. The completion of the first audit generates your online audit certificate for Risk-based auditing Competency.  Coupon code is given to complete the first audit. The form is available for audits to only SMS certificated ISO 19011:2018 auditors.

After the first audit – the name on the certificate and the certificate number provides access to the UAF form. The audit is best done on a mobile device.

Auditors need to be logged in

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